This week, a new Mir Omar track was released on Choon on Sound Avenue sub-label 3rd Avenue.  Mir Omar is a pretty big name in the progressive scene and therefore it’s great to see such guys releasing on Choon.  Despite ‘Until November’ not being tagged as a trance track, it probably will be used in a lot of warmup sets from trance DJ’s.

Until November comes in a pack with the original and 2 remixes.  One is from Matt Altman and the other comes by way of Paul Angelo & Don Argento.  Where Matt delivers a more up-tempo techno take on the original, Paul & Don stay closer to the original's progressive sounds.  In our opinion their remix is the most trancey version of the track.

The original is a slow starter.  The progressive groove and percussion slowly takes you to a floating pad providing the first hints of what the melody has in store.  Despite being based in New York City, Mir Omar’s name seem to give away eastern roots, and somehow, these translate to the sounds in Until November too.  The extensive breakdown gives a floating and dreamy feel.  Omar makes use of a lot of effects to create interest and build tension, rather than stacking a lot of sounds on top of each other.  Despite the track length of almost 10 minutes, the track keeps hold of the listeners interest from start to finish.

With Until November, Mir Omar delivers a quality progressive track that can fit into many trance sets as well.  It’s no coincidence that Solarstone's Pure Trance label released his track ‘Suddenly’ last year.  This summer he also made available an excellent progressive bootleg of the classic trance track Amazon from Midway which received support from Hernan Cattaneo amongst others.

Show your support and give Until November some plays. We highly recommend giving the Paul Angelo & Don Argento remix a spin as well.  Until November is our highlighted Track Spotlight for the week.


The full release can be found here:

Until November (and the Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix) also appear on our New Releases playlist.

More information on Mir Omar:

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