Nymeria saw the light of day last week. It’s a brand-new production from the High Frequencies-duo, who, besides Choon, also release their music on respected labels such as Armada, Black Hole Recordings and Future Sound Of Egypt. Nymeria is their fifth release on Choon, and it’s a massive one.

Looking at the labels High Frequencies have released on, you’d probably expect that only the B-choices or disregarded tracks would find their way to a young platform like Choon. Luckily, High Frequencies isn’t like that. Tracks like Kronos and Chrysopoeia are quality progressive trance, which could have found their way to a label like Anjunabeats easily. Nymeria is no exception.

Nymeria starts off as a usual prog-trancer.  A background vocal and feisty drum roll takes you into the first minute, where a stuttering raspy bass line takes over, similar to the works of Genix, for example. 1:30 minutes in, you get a bit of a taste of what’s coming. The breakdown starts very soft and builds with strings and drums to a cinematic feel. It’s when this suddenly stops, where the goosebumps come in. The main lead kicking in at 2:44 delivers an epic melody which carries the rest of the track along. For me it’s the standout part that makes Nymeria a special track. When the kick drum is introduced again, the rest of the song is an epic ride on this lead synth, used in a few varieties and rhythms.

With Nymeria, High Frequencies deliver a track of absolute quality, and to me, also their best release on Choon so far. The cinematic feel is a nice bonus, and probably has a lot to do with the little Game Of Thrones reference in the title. Show some support and give Nymeria some well deserved playing time, as it is our highlighted Track Spotlight.


The full track can be found here: https://www.choon.co/tracks/0hpgwa6sts5/nymeria-original-mix/

Nymeria also appears on our New Release playlist: https://www.choon.co/playlists/0kli5siyqr9/choontrance-new-releases---volume-001

More information on High Frequencies: https://www.choon.co/artists/highfrequencies/

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