Today sees the release of German producer Nick Reed's 8th original track on Choon.  Aptronym has a great blend between the uplifting and techier sides of trance.  A sound that Nick has become known for amongst the Choon community and you'd expect from a man who has spent time with the SKapade studios crew (Stephen Kirkwood, 2nd Phase amongst others).

Nick first announced himself to Choon with the excellent Frondescence, a track that instantly stood out to us here at ChoonTrance and has been on heavy rotation since.  He followed Frondescence with a number of releases before running a successful remix competition for his track Onxysis and collaborating with wav-Dr for some guitar heavy trance by way of Serenade.

From the off, Aptronym grabs you by the throat. It is full of energy and gives a nod to some of the harder, classic german trance from artists such as Alphazone, Dumonde & Cosmic Gate.  One of our favourite parts of the track overall shows itself from the very beginning.  An excellent bouncing mid bassy (kinda) effect that runs the entire length of the track and helps to set an awesome upbeat groove for what's to come.

You get your first introduction to the melodic elements of the track at the 1:30 mark. The first tones do remind a little to Deep Zone - It's Gonna Be Alright.  The track continues to build the energy until at 2:27 we reach the start of the breakdown.  In the relative calm of the next few bars that excellent loop becomes more prominent and continues working away setting the groove.  You're then met with some wonderful pads, that all add to the classic hardtrance feel.  Followed by an arpeggiated melody which slowly filters up before unleashing itself in full after the climax along with the driving kick.  The track delivers peak energy for the next couple of minutes before beginning to wind itself down to it's conclusion.

We think this track will make it's way into many a DJ's playlist and would work perfectly as a transition track between techier and more uplifting sections of a set.
A small fun fact is that both the artwork for the release, and Nick's new logo are designed by ChoonTrance's Marco Svarda, who does some graphic design in his spare time besides music.

Nick is looking for remixers for this track so if you think you can come up with your own take on this excellent slice of trance, drop him a message!

Aptronym is available here:

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Nick's Choon profile:

Nick's track Frondescence is featured on our uplifting series playlist:

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