Danny Lemmon has been silent for a while, with his last release dating from November 24th, but when he has something new to share under his LiftChain alias, you know it is something special. So was the case when he dropped ‘Tides Will Rise’ last week.

American-based producer Danny, adds a unique interpretation to his vision of how trance music should sound. And despite producing different styles of music, his trance tracks are both one of a kind and don’t lean to heavily on the EDM-sound that grew popular the last few years, either. Add to this that he is a producer who dares to experiment, and you have all ingredients to make his work worth checking out.

LiftChain released a track where he performed the vocals himself (Breathless), as well as writing out a vocal contest on an instrumental track, which became Pleiades, together with singer and vocalist Bonnie Legion. On the more progressive side he released ‘Feel Something’ a track that grabs your attention from beginning ‘til the end. Something he managed to do again with his new release.

Tides Will Rise starts off with the introduction of a melodic bassline and piano, quickly flowing into organ-like pads and the rhythmic elements. A minute in, the main theme is presented by a portamento lead, which, with a bit of fantasy, reminds trance artists from earlier days of tracks like The Theme by Jurgen Vries (Darren Tate) for example.

After 2.5 minutes the break introduces a dreamy pluck that builds on the flow of the main theme. It’s also an element returning in many of the LiftChain productions. 4 minutes in, the track reaches its climax. And while it is tagged Progressive Trance, the track has an uplifting feel all over it. We can imagine there will be some uplifting producers taking a stab at this one for a remix.

If we must mention something critical about this latest LiftChain-production, it would be that it’s not very DJ-friendly. Melodic elements are introduced from the very start, and the climax doesn’t continue for much longer than a minute, before the track moves into the breakdown. As we are quite fond of the long building tracks from back in the day, we could imagine a proper Club Mix could easily cross the 7 minute mark without getting boring.

That said, Tides Will Rise doesn’t sound much like anything else released in trance lately, and is well worth a few plays. If you like to hear original works, we highly recommend playing through the rest of LiftChain’s discography on Choon as well.

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