Today’s track spotlight is from a man who celebrated his 29th birthday last Sunday.  Jack Aiman Høye is an incredibly inspiring individual, who has overcome a lot of adversity in his life and produces a number of different styles of music.  Probably best known for his Dreamy moniker but also releasing as Dawn, Divisional Phrase, Frahma and Dark Matter, since 2011 he has been putting out quality trance and progressive music on a who’s who of labels such as Blue Soho, Alter Ego, Redux, A State of Trance, Universal Nation, Abora, Grotesque, Monster Pure, ITWT, Always Alive, Pure Trance & Pure Progressive amongst others.

Until recently all of Jack’s releases on Choon had been under his Dreamy alias which focuses on more emotional, uplifting trance music but with the arrival of ‘In This Very Room’ under his Dark Matter guise his progressive skills get their first Choon outing.  Anyone who has listened to the recent Pure Trance 7 compilation will recognise Dark Matter by way of Solarstone’s Pure Mix of ‘When Faith Fades’ featuring on disc 2.

The track starts off very much like a more traditional slice of house, stripped back with not much more than a kick and a very proud open hat.  It’s not until 32 seconds when a pad starts to slowly work its way in, that you get an inkling this is something a bit more progressive, this is dutifully confirmed just after the minute mark when the incredibly groovy bass line kicks in and instantly puts a smile on your face.

Around 1:30 a plucky synth line starts to creep in, followed by more atmospherics, and then the main synth lead.  The lead combines wonderfully with the atmospheric sounds in the background and after a short breakdown you reach a small climax around halfway.  Along with that groovy bassline the climax really rewards and gets you nodding your head and tapping your feet.

I have an old Nick Warren Global Underground CD recorded in Reyjkavik and ‘In This Very Room’ would have fitted very well on that CD.  Although never having visited any of the Nordic countries myself the track has a wonderful floaty, chilly but warm overall vibe that makes me feel it would capture the essence of being in Jack’s homeland Denmark very well indeed.

If I had one slight disappointment with the track it’s that its 5:26 run time is a little too short for my liking.  Everything starts winding down just before the 4 minute mark and although already labelled as an Extended mix I feel the track could easily stretch to 7, 8 or even 9 minutes without feeling overly long.

Jack is offering In This Very Room as a free download so head to the track page for a link to that and don’t forget to give him some streams on Choon to say thank you!  Whilst there you should also take a listen to the 3 excellent Dreamy releases; Frozen Solid, As We Saw Peace Fall and True Friends.

In This Very Room can also be found on our New Releases playlist:

And I’m sure will also feature on volume 002 of of our progressive series:

If you'd like to read our review of Pure Trance 7, which features Dark Matter then it can be found here.

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