In, what could be a defining week for Choon, co-founder of the platform Bjorn Niclas managed to also fit in finishing a brand-new track that has been 6 months in the making.  ‘Cielo’ was released today and holds the middle between techy progressive and trance.

Bjorn is well-known figure amongst the Choon-community, as he has been the public face for the platform across their social media and community efforts since launch. Besides that, Bjorn has a serious history and pedigree within the dance music industry, on top of also being a DJ and producer.  To the outside world, he is probably best known for being tour manager for DJ Gareth Emery, but his impressive résumé also shows a lot of entrepreneurship over recent years. No wonder he was involved in creating a revolutionary new music platform.

The total playing time of Cielo racks up a massive 10 minutes, but those will pass by without noticing. The track kicks off, similar to his remix of Bunge & Kevor’s ‘Allegoria’ which released on Choon earlier this year.  The track has a deep build with pads evolving along the groove.  Three minutes in, the breakdown starts, where plucky synths deliver a simple but ear-catching melody.  The track isn’t a typical banger, it provides a deep and groovy atmosphere, taking you on a journey, with the melody further evolving when the kick rolls back in.  When you think everything is exposed, a second break around the 7 minute mark makes a further twist on the melody.  A silent killer this one, like the panther on the cover, sneaking up on its prey.

Cielo means sky in Spanish, and with this one, Bjorn Niclas delivers a dreamy prog-trancer. The track would work perfectly for DJs of several genres, from tech-house to progressive and trance.  The first track Bjorn produced under his own name especially for Choon, and one that is definitely worth checking out in full, especially as it is raising awareness for the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation.

The foundation runs the largest Sanctuary in the World for Big Felines and in 4 years, with a very limited amount of money they have rescued more than 350 Big Felines and more than 200 Animals of other species.  If you'd like to know more about the foundation or help support their work please visit their website:


The full track can be found here:

Cielo will soon be added to our New Release playlist:

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