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How Much Would 1 Play Earn You?

Track Length

One stream of your track would currently earn you

How Much Would Plays Earn You?

Track Length
Service 3 Mins 4 Mins 5 Mins 6 Mins 7 Mins 8 Mins

Read enough?! You can join Choon or check out their whitepaper for more detail about the platform.

Information & Data Sources

This page is maintained by Sean Thompson (Beat16) I am not a Choon team member but I am a Choon artist, you can check out my artist page here.

Everything on this page is purely for informational purposes and does not in any way constitute financial advice. That being said if you are interested in buying or selling NOTES you can find some guides here.

How Things Are Calculated

The indicative prices shown here are if you earnt your NOTES on and sold them right now at the current buy price.

Choon currently distribute 375,000 NOTES per day spread proportionally based on the % of total listening minutes each track has had that day.

In Choon terms 1 stream = 1 minute of listening time and artists are paid for each second that is listened to. If someone listens to a track that is 3 minutes long then the artist will receive 3 streams, if a track is 5:45 then they will receive 5.75 streams and so on.

To my knowledge this is unique amongst music streaming platforms, Spotify for instance counts a stream as anything that is listened to for more than 30 seconds. If someone listens to your track for 30 seconds or 10 minutes you still get paid the same.

If there were more than 375,000 minutes listened to in a day then each stream/minute would be worth less than 1 NOTE. At the moment this is not the case and you receive around NOTES per stream/minute, this figure fluctuates on a daily basis. As the platform becomes more popular the NOTES per minute that people earn will reduce.

To calculate the figures on this page I take into account the number of NOTES per stream/minute, the current buy price in Ethereum of NOTES and the current sell price of Ethereum back to EUR/GBP/USD.

  1. Track length x NOTES per stream/minute = Total NOTES for 1 Play
  2. Total NOTES for 1 Play x Current NOTES/ETH Buy Price = Value of NOTES in ETH
  3. Value of NOTES in ETH x Value of ETH in EUR/GBP/USD = Value of 1 Play in EUR/GBP/USD

Data Sources

The information on this page is correct to the best of my knowledge, if you spot anything that doesn't look right then please let me know so I can fix it. Data is derived from the following sources:

  • > Ethereum price - CryptoCompare API - Refreshed every minute

  • > NOTES last trade, buy and sell data - ForkDelta API - Refreshed every minute

  • > NOTES per stream / minute - Manually calculated from my daily earnings email - Refreshed every few days - Correct as at:

  • > EUR / GBP / USD exchange rate - Calculated using the respective ETH prices - Refreshed every minute

  • > Other services payment per stream - Taken from this infographic - If anyone has more up to date numbers please let me know.