Yesterday an interview with Ferry Corsten appeared online, where the Dutch trance legend revealed several interesting facts about his Gouryella project, the collaboration with DJ Tiësto, and the future of Gouryella, System F and his other works.

In what was the most extensive interview that appeared online from Muzikxpress on Youtube, Ferry talks for half an hour about the history of Gouryella, the resurrection of the project, and the latest release of last Friday, named ‘Surga’.  If we don’t take into account the album-release of From The Heavens, and the remixes of Binary Finary – 1998 and Messages by Solange, Surga is the 8th instalment of Gouryella, after Venera (Vee’s Theme), Neba, Anahera, Ligaya, Tenshi, Walhalla and Gouryella.  Initially Gouryella was a collaborative project between Ferry and Tijs Verwest a.k.a. DJ Tiësto.  Both remixes and the first three original tracks; Walhalla, Tenshi and Gouryella were the product of this collaboration.  With later releases being produced by Ferry Corsten on his own.

Tiësto became part of the project because of his knowledge on the DJ-side of things, Ferry mentions, while his own experience was more on the production-side.  Tiësto wanted to do something like Out Of The Blue by Ferry’s project System F, and eventually that became Gouryella.  The collaboration went on for a few more tracks, and Ferry said that they had a ‘cool sort of synergy’, until Tiësto decided to part ways.  Eventually because he left trance altogether, but at that moment, because he wanted to try other things. In the years after, Tijs and Ferry have had several talks about bringing Gouryella back, but their ideas about how that should be done were different, and eventually never came to fruition. Until 2015.

In 2015, Ferry finally found the sound that he would describe as the typical Gouryella-track.  In the interview, he says that it took so long, because Gouryella became sort of legendary over the years. Despite being gone for so long, people were still talking about it, and probably expected a ‘holy grail’ if there ever would be a new Gouryella.  That pressure, and the fact that he enjoyed a period experimenting with sounds away from trance, meant that it took him almost 13 years to follow up Ligaya.  “Creating just another trancetrack and label it Gouryella just wouldn’t cut it.’’ And although Ferry expected a buzz, he could never foresee how big of an impact the release of Anahera would have. The track eventually got voted Tune Of The Year on Armin Van Buuren’s radioshow, A State Of Trance and charted at number 1 in the overall Beatport Top 100, which nowadays is very unique for a trance release.

Not long after, Ferry took Gouryella on tour as well, creating a liveshow concept around the project.  To do so, he had to remake all the classic Gouryella tracks, with modern production techniques, to make them sound on point again, and eventually that became the album From The Heavens.  After that album only Venera was released as part of Ferry’s Blueprint album, and then it went silent again. Until last week, when Ferry proved that the Gouryella project is very much alive, with the release of Surga.  Another melody driven, emotional trance track, that fits perfectly in the Gouryella-collection.

Gouryella - Surga

The full interview is available on the Muzikxpress Youtube-channel, where Ferry also talks about bringing back System F, his movie scoring and his new initiative called Stillpoint.  The new track Surga is available through most streaming and download portals.  For more info about Ferry Corsten and his music projects, check

The full Gouryella interview from MuzikXpress.

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