We will keep this page updated with the answers to common questions we see asked across Choon's various channels.  If you have a question not covered here let us know or head to the Choon Telegram channel.

What is Choon?

Choon is a next generation music streaming platform which uses blockchain technology to solve a number of the issues present in existing services.  Chiefly Choon facilitates daily royalty payments and artists receive 80% of the revenue.

What are NOTES?

NOTES are the currency or token used on the Choon-platform. Artists on the platform get paid in NOTES, but they can also be used to give a tip to artists you support, or (future) services.

Where can I buy NOTES?

NOTES can be earned on Choon by uploading tracks as an artist, or creating playlists as a user.  If you wish to purchase NOTES please follow this guide.

Are 10,000 NOTES worth 1 ETH?

No.  Back when the public sale was planned this was an indicated exchange rate however the sale did not go ahead.  The price of NOTES will be determined solely by the market.  You can check the current price here.

How can I sell NOTES?

If you wish to sell NOTES please follow this guide.

I'm not a producer, do I still need to sign up to Choon?

Not necessarily, however we recommend to do it. To listen to music, at the moment, no sign up is needed. However, this could change any time. If you want to maintain your own playlists, tip your favourite artists and be involved, you need to have a Choon-account. It's free, so try it!

What is Tipping?

If you have NOTES you can give them away, to an artist or playlist curator you support. You can add a nice comment as well. You can never Tip more than you have in NOTES.

Where do I Tip?

You can Tip on the profile page of an artist or user, on a track and on a playlist.

What's the minimum amount to Tip?

You can Tip 1 NOTE or more. However, some artists demand a higher minimum Tip. This mostly is a precaution to prevent unnecessary spamming.

Can I upload bootlegs to Choon?

No.  You must own all of the rights to the music that you upload to Choon.

Can I upload remixes to Choon?

  • If you have a remix that someone has done of your track and you maintained the rights to the track then yes.
  • If you have done an official remix of a track and as part of the deal you acquired the right to publish the track then yes.
  • If you have an unofficial remix of a track most definitely no.
  • If you've remixed another Choon artist and want to set up a Smart Record Contract (SRC) then most definitely yes!  We'd love to hear it as well so send us a link or check out some of the great remixes done by Choon artists so far.

Can I upload samples/snippets/previews to Choon?

Choon wants to be a full music service. Samples, snippets or previews can be removed, as they don't qualify as full songs. We advice to only upload full finished tracks.

Can I upload podcasts or DJ-mixes to Choon?

Podcasts are allowed, as long as it is only spoken word and no music. DJ mixes aren't allowed as you either, don't own the rights of all songs used or Choon doesn't have a system in place to account all streams on the used songs. However, DJ-mixes will be rolled out as a feature in 2019.

Can I download music from Choon?

Not currently but this is planned for early 2019.

Does Choon downsample the audio I upload?

Choon downsamples your audio to 192kbps MP3.

What is counted as a stream on Choon?

On Choon unlike for instance Spotify which counts any listen over 30 seconds as a stream you are paid for every second that someone listens to.  1 Stream = 1 Minute, if your track is 4:30 long then you'll be paid for 4.5 streams for a full listen, if it's 3:15 long you'll be paid for 3.25 streams.  Currently you can only earn a maximum of 10 streams for one individual play of a track.

As a listener you can also only count towards a maximum of 10 streams a day per track, for example if you listen to a 5 minute track 3 times only 2 of these will count.  In total a listener will only be counted for 60 streams a day.

What is playlist split?

An artist can set a playlist split percentage. This means that if the track is selected in a playlist, the playlist curator receives this percentage of revenue for selecting the track. Default setting is at 5%. But you can choose any rate between 0-100%. Playlist split only accounts for the plays in a playlist. If someone clicks through to your page and plays the track there, you don't have to pay the split.

What is a Smart Record Contract (SRC)?

A smart record contract shows who is entitled to receive royalties from a particular track on Choon.  It is publicly shown and allows artists to automatically receive their split of a tracks revenue on a daily basis.  For example a common split currently on the platform for a remix is 50% to the original artist and 50% to the remixer.  At the end of the day the original artist and remixer will automatically receive 50% of the revenue on the track each.

How do I set up a Smart Record Contract?

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