With hitting the 100,000 NOTES mark last night on the Choon platform, a small milestone was accomplished for Swiss trance producer Oliver Imseng.  A pretty remarkable feat if you take into account that Oliver’s only promotion of his music is via Twitter.

Oliver is not just an independent producer.  With tracks and remixes played on the most popular trance radio shows like A State Of Trance and Corsten’s Countdown, and releases on labels such as Shah Music, Redux and Nukleuz, Oliver has proved already that his works can battle with the big boys.

On Choon there’s no exception to this.  So far, Oliver delivered three tracks and a remix on the platform for independent artists, all of equal quality.  Two days after release his Choon-debut ‘Flying Over Bern’ reached the top 10 by storm and has remained a fan favourite ever since.  It appears on 27 playlists at the time of writing, and even returned in the top 10 of the unofficial Choon Dancechart after 20 weeks!

After Flying Over Bern, Oliver teamed up with Simon Fischer a.k.a. Mindsoundscapes, to deliver the two-sided ‘Universal Take Off’, before landing the highly energetic uplifter ‘Decisive’.  To top it all off, he went on to deliver his first remix for a Choon-artist, which was his take on ‘Toucan’ by Marco Svarda.  All of Oliver’s tracks have charted well after initial release and made frequent re-entries following promotions by himself and other Choon community members.

He mainly operates in the uplifting trance genre but has an ear for progressive and tech-trance as well.  I wouldn't be surprised if you hear this side of his sound in future productions!  Oliver is a fairly quick producer and has future tracks and remixes planned as we speak.  Not only Choon exclusives either, so be sure to watch the new trance releases on platforms like Beatport, or otherwise give him a follow on Twitter.

As we at ChoonTrance think he is one of the best producers on the platform, we felt it only fair to make Oliver the subject of our Artist Spotlight this time round. Make sure to check out his music if you haven’t done so yet, and give him the airplay he deserves.

The Choon profile of Oliver Imseng can be found here: https://www.choon.co/artists/oliverimseng/

Oliver also has tracks featured on several ChoonTrance playlists:

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ChoonTrance Uplifting Volume 001

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