This was definitely the week of Ancient Umbra, the alias of Ukrainian-based DJ and producer Igor Donets. With the release of his track ‘We Are One’, Igor added a new uplifting chapter to his musical library, and placed himself strongly in the spotlight as a Choon trance-artist.

Within a few days of release, We Are One managed to reach the top 10 of the Choon daily chart for three days straight, peaking at position 5. Quite a unique feat, as the daily chart contains the most streamed tracks on the Choon platform, across all genres.

Igor mainly produces melodic uplifting trance but incorporates progressive elements in his productions as well. Lately he discovered Psytrance, but a first full release in this sub-genre hasn’t seen the light of day yet.

We Are One sounds like a modern-day uplifting trancer, with lots of energy, stabby pluck and an emotional feel. “A personal record’’, Igor stated right after release and thanks to the attention drawn by We Are One, his other tracks, such as the vocal trancer Save Our Love together with Russian singer Diana Melnik and Metamorphosis, regained some interest too making the top 20.

If you were to look up the music of Ancient Umbra, our personal recommendation would be Beyond Reality. The more progressive side of Igor’s productions, but one that stands out in originality.

You can check out Ancient Umbra’s music over on Choon:

We Are One also features on our Upflifting Trance - Volume 001 Playlist

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