Choon Trance was founded by Marco Svarda (Mykynes) and Sean Thompson (Beat16) to promote trance music on Choon, bring new listeners and artists to the platform and to build a next-generation trance community via social media promotion, news, interviews, guides and a community forum.

Marco and Sean first met on the Choon Telegram channel at the end of May 2018 and quite quickly found common ground in their love for trance music.  After talking for a while, they realised they had a shared view of the platform’s potential and its prospective benefits for artists and the trance community at large.  With Choon being in its infancy they were also keen to help shape the direction of the music on the platform, raise the profile and status of trance music and build connections with other artists.

At the start of June, both Marco and Sean individually released their first tracks, 'Maengo' and 'Airdrop' on Choon within a few days of each other.  Not long after, plans were made to set up a trance community site in the same vein as; even taking a shot at resurrecting the legendary forum and its community, but unfortunately its founder Tommie didn’t want to part with the domain (still running as an archive today).

A month or so later, Sean first started working on the website and forum for the community which was initially going to be named Choon Trance Family.  After initial server set up, progress slowed for a while due to a shortage in time, several side-projects, Choon community activities and music production.  Things picked up again in earnest in late October following an inspirational trip to ADE where the pair both met in person for the first time.  With reignited motivation, the site, forum and socials officially launched in early November under a newly simplified name: Choon Trance.

From L-R - Hugo, Preben (Kryptokind), Clyde Rouge, Kassy Ruimy, Sean (Beat16), Marco (Mykynes)

What We Do

Choon Trance tries to achieve its goal via 3 core areas:-


A large part of the focus will be the Choon Trance Forum which we hope will become an open and active place for artists, promoters and music fans to exchange ideas, collaborate and discover new music. It’s always good to dream big and at some point in the future, we’d also love to arrange Choon Trance meet-ups and events around the world, to bring the community together in person.  


One of the great features of Choon is that playlist curators can earn a cut of the streaming revenue generated via the plays from their playlists.  Artists can set their playlist split percentage anywhere between 0 and 100% on a track by track basis.

One of the main ways in which we will promote artists on the platform is by curating and marketing a series of playlists; this will not only help artists get more plays, revenue and fans, but will also allow Choon Trance to earn revenue that we will re-invest into maintenance of the platform and further promotion via paid-for advertising as well as our normal social media campaigns.

In addition to the playlists we will maintain a strong presence on social media as well as engaging in any and all activities which we feel will be beneficial in promoting the site, artists and community, for example: -

  • Competitions and giveaways to encourage new users to the platform.
  • Direct out-reach and marketing to non-Choon artists and listeners.
  • Providing news, blogs, opinion pieces and other relevant articles.
  • Sharing of interviews with established artists to help raise the profile of Choon and encourage their fans to check out lesser known ones.


By providing information that will benefit all artists, musicians and listeners our goal is to become a trusted resource for both the trance and Choon community.

We will educate these communities through: -

  • Regular news and opinion pieces covering Choon as well as general trance and music news from around the world.
  • Guides on subjects such as music marketing and promotion and platform functionality.
  • Direct out-reach to artists and listeners who we want to bring to the platform with information about Choon and how we feel it could benefit them.
  • Demystifying the blockchain aspect of the platform.

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